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Pole Tent

Traditional pole tents provide more covered area for less money than any other type of tent. This makes a pole type tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently. The canopy (ceiling) of the tent is secured with poles on the inside and perimeter.

    We offer the following sizes:
  • 10X10 (100 Sq. ft.)
  • 15X15 (300 Sq. Ft.)
  • 15X60 (900 Sq. Ft.)
  • 20X20 (400 Sq. Ft.)
  • 20x30 (600 Sq. Ft.)
  • 20X40 (800 Sq. Ft.)
  • 20X60 (1200 Sq. Ft.)
  • 30X30 (900 Sq. Ft.) 30' width up to 700' in length
  • 40X40 (1600 Sq. Ft.) 40' width up to 340' in length
  • 60X60 (3600 Sq. Ft.) 60' width up to 330’ in length
  • 80X80 (6400 Sq. Ft.) 80' width up to 160' in length

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